Referral Number of Active Member Products Commission Rate
0.1%(Roll Over Count)

1. All uBet368 members are applicable for this referral bonus program.

2. REFERRAL bonus will not be applied for bonus, promotion, or any extra given credit balance. Only real cash deposit balance from referral member account will be accounted for this program.

3. Member referral bonus is to be calculated from referral commission percentage and total amount of member downline TURNOVER.

4. There is no maximum or minimum limit for how many people you want to recruit as your downline, the more downline member you have, the more bonus profit you will get.

5. To recruit downline, new member have to fill in your Referral ID code​ when Register .

6. To check how many Downline member under your REFERRA, member just click on Bonus botton on uBet368 website > Referral List

7. Referral ID code is member Account name, or member can get referral link by click on Account name next to your Main Balance

8. Referral bonus will be applicable to all uBet368 products except u.Sports.

9. REFERRAL Bonus is Increased everydays Depand on member downline active and their total turnover.

10. Member have to transfer REFERRALbonus commission from Bonus to Main account before withdraw can be made.

11. To Transfer Referral bonus member just click Bonus on the Home page next to your Account name

12. To make any withdrawal from referral bonus member account must be active which should have at least 5 times Despoist per Month with total of USD368 or above

13. REFERRAL bonus commission will be able to withdraw on 7th of the month or member can keep the balance until needed.

14. REFERRAL bonus commission have to meet one time Roll Over in any product of uBet368 before the Withdraw can be made

15. That One time Roll Over Requiremented will not be allowed for any betting that is Over 30% of the bonus Amounts

16. In case of failure With Term & Conditions above uBet368 has the right to cancel or delete member REFERRALbonus commission without protest

17.uBet368 reserve the rights to close member Main account or Remove downline from member REFERRAL anytime without​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​prior notice if company find out that member is using betting strategy to get this Bonus.

*General Terms & Conditions of Promotions apply.